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August 3, 2008

Oregon Coast Hike

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Here are a few pictures of the kids on their hike yesterday.


Blueberry Festival!

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Today the older kids and Ted went to Seaside/Cannon Beach area to hike a twelve-mile trail with our friends, the Succo’s.  They left at 5:30am, and just returned home at 10pm!   They had lots of fun!  (Pictures will be posted of this adventure later today!)

While they were away, Timothy, Joseph and I went to the Blueberry Festival festivities in downtown Mossyrock.  There was a parade . . .



There were big fire trucks . . .

whose sirens were kind of loud!

But that was okay . . . because they also threw candy out to the kids!

Actually, everyone in the parade threw candy for the parade watchers . . .

While big brother collected the candy . . . little brother ate the candy!

There were about 30 antique cars in the parade . . . this one had bubbles coming out the back of it!

Timothy said about this pink one, “Here comes an airplane car!”

Joseph took his parade watching (and candy eating) very seriously . . . he is waving here.    (Probably because the more you waved, the more candy you got thrown to you:)

Then, after the parade, Timothy enjoyed fishing in the mobile fish pond for trout supplied by the Mossyrock Fish Hatchery.  See the fish he  caught by the date stamp?

This picture was the second fish he caught, in the lower left corner.

July 29, 2008

Timmyism at the Dinner Table

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Last night we had some soup that was given to us free by some good friends.  (The husband is a truck driver, and often times, he is given a bunch of food to take home.  They, in turn, kindly give away what they know they cannot use to friends like us:)   

So, we were sampling some “Subway Broccoli and Cheese Soup” when this conversation happened at the dinner table. . .

Timmy:  “I’m full.”

Caroline:  “But you didn’t eat any.”

Daddy:  “Four more bites, Timmy.”

Timmy:  After taking a bite says, “Ewww . . . gross!”

Daddy:  “Timmy, we don’t say “gross” about our food.  We say something like ‘I don’t really care for this’ . . .okay?”

Timmy:  Ponders this for a moment, then says, “I really don’t care about this . . . does anyone want my left-overs?”

Daddy:  After no one moves, takes Timmy’s bowl and takes a bite.

Timmy:  Then says, “WOW, Daddy, you must be REALLY hungry!”

July 24, 2008

The Critter-Getters and Lessons Learned

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Clamming is fun!


In just the right place, you can collect your legal limit of clams per person in a pretty short amount of time!   Let’s see, that is about 150 clams! (25 X 6 kids)   Way more than we can eat!

Victoria learned that with bigger clams, you have to be careful how you pick them up, because if you pick them up like this . . .

the little creature inside does not like it, and will snap his shell closed on your fingers.   Unfortunately, Victoria learned this the hard way.  Daddy had to get his pocket knife to pry open the shell to release her fingers!  Ouch!

Even Timothy got into the act . . . well, sort-of!  I think he had more fun just playing in the water.  At least he had a good excuse for getting all wet . . . shoes and all!

Little crabs are fun to catch and play with.

And the bigger you are, the more little crabs you can hold in your hand.

When “crabbing” for the big crabs, you can use a crab cage on the end of a fishing pole.  This takes some patience.

Or, you can just scoop them up in a big net! 

This involves getting a little more wet:)! 

Yum!  They’re good eatin’ at the end of the day!

Here, our neighbor girls are helping Timothy sample the catch for the day!

Oysters aren’t as rare or hard to find as we originally thought.  And we learned that their open shells are razor sharp and cut feet in cheap flip-flops very easily:(  Victoria and Valerie especially learned this lesson the hard way and are doctoring several pretty bad cuts on their feet.

Victoria also learned that star fish, once adhered to your fingers, leave a part of themselves with you when you go to put them back into the water! 

July 23, 2008

Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

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This is what greeted us in the parking lot at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center.   There were several deer in the area.  And we got a special treat of seeing twin fawns!

Aren’t they cute?

I’m afraid this is one of those times when pictures just don’t do the beauty of the real thing justice.   The views were breathtaking.

In the background is the Strait of Juan de Fuca.   There was still snow on the ground in places, and at the same time beautiful wild flowers everywhere!

Our Campsite at Dosewallips State Park

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Here’s a couple pictures at our campsite.  There was a nice grassy area behind us for the dogs to romp and for the kids to play frisbee, etc.  We had a campfire every night, and of course, smores!

Timothy graduated to a “big boy” bike on this trip!  Can you see how happy he is?   He LOVED riding his bike here at the campground.  That’s our campsite in the background (not the trailer in the far background, but the tent, playpen and picnic table . . . the  camper is out of the picture).  All the sites were on dead-end loops, so Timothy was able to ride safely whenever he wanted to . . . which in this case, was even before he got dressed out of his PJ’s!

Our neighbors at the campsite had two girls that brought along some sidewalk chalk.  See what the aspiring artists came up with?   They put their hand prints all over the road!

Well, that’s all for tonight.   I’ll post more photos of our trip tomorrow!

A Little More Fun Before Leaving Bremerton

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 Timothy sure loved swimming again with his “floaties”!  They make swimming . . .before you know how to swim . . . much more fun! 


Joseph loved playing in the fountain right outside the hotel again.   The hotel is in the background.


Where did the water go?  

We found this fountain park near the hotel.  There were about five of these towers.  See the big white spout at the top?

This is what happens every five minutes or so!

Where We left Off!

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The night before we left Bremerton, the kids had fun taking pictures of this little visitor to our camper, right in the hotel parking lot.  He/she was busily cleaning up a few nuggets of dog food, and didn’t even seem to notice the kids.     They really wanted to post these pictures for you to see! 

July 20, 2008

On the Road Again!

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We are leaving soon for the Olympic National Park.  We have reservations for a campsite within one of the State Parks for the next three nights.  But I imagine that they probably won’t have internet service, so this will be our last post until we return home.    

Love you all!


July 19, 2008

Second Day of New Adventure

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Today we headed for Sequim, WA for their lavender festival!  There were lavender farms and lavender products to be purchased EVERYWHERE!

For lunch, Daddy and Kyle wanted to try the famous “The 3 Crabs” restaurant.   It is located in Dungeness,WA on the Strait of Juan de Fuca waterfront.  (Did you know that the Dungeness Crab was named after this little town?) 

They enjoyed quite a smorgeshboard of steamed crab, fish, clams, scallops, and shrimp.

Then we picked strawberries and rasberries at a farm there. 

Here the youngest pickers are getting the “lay of the land” and planning their strategy.

Then, Joseph gleans some strawberry picking tips from his biggest brother.

Ah, he’s going in for the pick!

Success . . . and to be sure, he figures he must taste-test it:)!

Here, Timothy is getting tips from his big sister, Valerie.

How does this one look?

Two strawberry-loving girls hard at work.

This was taken about mid-way through our picking extravaganza! 

And now we are back at the hotel, enjoying the “FRUIT of our labor!”

And swimming:)!

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