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July 1, 2008

First Day of Vacation in Tillamook, OR

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Here we are at our first vacation destination . . . McDonald’s for breakfast.  At this point, Ted and I are wondering . . . what were we thinking?  Seven kids and four dogs in a camper, and we call this VACATION?:)  

But we have a super, duper set-up here at the Best Western Hotel in Tillamook, OR.  They have a very nice campground right in their parking lot.  It is only $40.00 a night for full hook-ups and their free breakfast in the hotel.  Wow, the free breakfast alone just about pays for our stay.    (At the above mentioned breakfast stop, we spent $38.00 this morning!  Yep, I couldn’t believe it either until I actually looked at the receipt!) 

They are also fine with our four dogs and they have lots of grassy areas for their vacationing pleasure.  We also have use of their swimming pool . . . which is what the kids are doing now:)

I think this is going to work out very nicely!   Tomorrow we will find a beach to play on, as they are forecasting “few showers” for Thursday and Friday. 



June 28, 2008

Wonderful Mother/Daughter Get-a-way

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Lydia and I had a wonderful trip to Seaside, OR as part of her 13th birthday celebration.  We brought our bikes and did lots of bike riding up and down the promenade and also at Fort Stevens State Park.

Our room was the one just to the left of the “Hi-Tide” sign on the third floor.   Our balcony overlooked the ocean!  We will attach some pictures of the sunset from the balcony later. 

We asked a nice lady to take this picture of us!

We read some on the beach.  We also looked for seashells, but didn’t find any:(

We used the self-timer for this picture in front of the Subway, where we had “linner” on our first day.

The next few pictures are from the bike trail at Fort Stevens State Park! 

This yellow sign informs people that there was a cougar spotted recently in the area!

The day it was seen was 6-16-08, which was about ten days before our visit.

Do we see what we think we see?  Yes, it was a miniature horse staying at one of the nearby hotels!

Here Lydia is looking for seashells on the Columbia River.  This was a spot we found off of Fort Stevens State Park.  She found lots!

These next two sunset pictures were taken from our hotel balcony!


Here Lydia is exsiting a replica of an Indian longhouse which is on display at Fort Stevens State Park as part of Oregon’s Lewis and Clark history.

Here Lydia shows off her winnings at the Candy Man’s candy and ice-cream store.  (Only because her Mommy asked her to:) ) She won a bag of popcorn from spinning the wheel and having it land on a “2”! 

What a wonderful time we had together!  Thank you, Lydia!

May 30, 2008

A Lovely Day for a Picnic!

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It is a beautiful day today.  The sun is shining brightly, and it is around 70 degrees.  We are all busy with our outdoor chores:  mowing, soaking animal hooves, shearing Justice, washing the van, etc.     So those who were able to took a break for a picnic lunch.  It was lovely! 

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