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August 22, 2008

When Mama’s Busy – by Joseph

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Yesterday, when Mama was busy helping Valerie cut out her fabric for her new skirt, I helped myself to a little snack.  I just marched right in to the pantry and grabbed this bag of sweet white things, and popped a few of them into my mouth.  No one even knew at first.  

Oops!  I think I’ve been caught here.


Well, let’s give it another try and see if Mama says anything.

Look’s like she’s too busy taking pictures to care right now.

You should try them sometime!   They make you happy:)


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  1. Well Joseph, you have something in common with Papa Bob. He also likes to sneak on those fluffy white things. It sure makes a nice snack when you don’t have alot of choices. Guess you won’t be able to deny this little snack session as it seems to be well documented with photographs. See you soon, Meemom

    Comment by Meemom — August 25, 2008 @ 7:29 am |Reply

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