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August 20, 2008

Do You Recognize This Pretty Girl?

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Today was a big day for Valerie!  She now has braces!  Fortunately, they just started some on top so she can ease into them.   

We had a busy day!  We started out around 6:45 am with Joseph, Allie and Danny in tow.  We headed straight for the Veterinary clinic to drop off Allie and Danny for their elbow and hip x-rays.  We got these done to get their “Orthopedic Foundation of America” certifications.  This is important, as labradors can be susceptible to hip and elbows dysplasia, and this ensures that we are not breeding this defect into our puppies.   

Then, we had a little time to spend before Valerie’s appointment so we hopped over to Walmart to buy a toothbrush for Valerie to brush her forgotten teeth:)

Once Valerie checked in at the Orthodontist, I ran to the bank, a Chevron station to get a Puyallup fair discount ticket pass, and a coffee stop:)   I was back to the office about 20 minutes early, and it was a good thing, because she came out about 15 minutes earlier than they had anticipated.  Things went well! 

We were then off to Olympia.  We went to Barnes and Noble, the Party Store (looking for Timothy’s party decor), JoAnn’s (to find a new pattern and different colored fabrics to make a multi-colored tier skirt for Valerie), and Costco.  We did big shopping at Costco and loaded it all in the rain:(

We made it back to the Veterinary office around 4pm to pick up the dogs, and another quick trip to Walmart to pick up a big tub of ice-cream that Lydia had requested. 

And when we walked in the door around 6pm we knew immediately what Kyle and Timothy had been up to!

I know, it is hard to completely appreciate their creativity and hard work from the photos.  They just don’t do their “castle” justice:)

And while we were away, Victoria, Lydia and Caroline spent the day at Mrs. Jerke’s, helping her clean her house before her knee replacement surgery on Monday.  She said they were a huge blessing!   

What a day! 

Now we’re off to bed a bit early, as we want to finish up our achievement tests in the morning so we can send them off . . . far, far away:)

(I’ll be in bed just as soon as I take my barfed-on-by-Joseph-because-he-gets-so-worked-up-when-I-brush-his-teeth clothes out of the washer:)


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  1. Well Valerie, I bet you are happy to have the first leg of this procedure done. I know it may be a little uncomfortable, but will be so worth it all.

    What a castle!!! Timothy must have had one of his very BEST days
    helping Kyle to build this one. They should both be ready for their contracting license by now.

    Sorry to hear that Joesph gets so worked up over getting his teeth brushed. I guess he does not realize the importance of having some teeth. Maybe we should find a picture of someone with no teeth to show him.

    Better go for now. I love you all soooooooooooooooooooo
    much, Meemom

    Comment by Meemom — August 21, 2008 @ 9:44 am |Reply

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