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July 18, 2008

We’re Off on Another Adventure!

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Today we embark on a new adventure.  We are heading to the Olympic National Park.  We have never been there before, so this will be exciting!  We have heard that it is a very cool rain forest.  

But first, we will visit Sequim, and join the Lavender festivities there.  I guess this is a big deal. . . they even call it a “holiday” there. 

We weren’t supposed to leave for this vacation until next Friday.  But yesterday morning, we got an e-mail from Dr. Polley, saying that Sophie, the lab on the left in the photo below, is in heat again, and would like to come visit with Danny.  It just so happened that the dates fell right about the time we were planning to leave for vacation.


And since we draw the line at already taking FOUR dogs camping with us, we decided to do some scrambling to see if we could pull-off moving the vacation up by a week.  Ted had just spent the day before making all of our reservations at various campsites, and of course, he had requested the other week off of work. 

So back to the drawing board he went, making an amazing effort to find us places to stay in a very booked area on very short notice. 

Tonight we will stay in probably our favorite hotel of all time . . . free!  This is the one in Bremerton, right on the Puget Sound.   Saturday night is up in the air right now.  We are hoping someone might cancel at the hotel, and we could stay there two nights, OR we’re off looking for a primitive camping site.

Then starting Sunday, we have reservations at a State Park in the area with full hook-ups.  

Oh, and it is always important for us to leave the house “show” ready, as we never know when just the right folks will want to come, look, and buy our house!   So, with much determination and motivation, all nine of us worked together to re-arrange vacation logistics, pack everything we need for camping, and immaculately clean the house, all in about 13 hours!   Whew!

And it’s all about Sophie:)    On our way home on Wednesday, we will swing by and pick Sophie up at her house.    I hope we will all feel rested by then, because FIVE dogs, with our guest canine not getting along with any of our other female dogs, might just push us to the limits!


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  1. Hoping for a cancellation for you. It could get a little crowded in your camper. Sounds like you should have a really neat time and see some awsome sights. Anxious to hear about the lavendar festitives. Love.Meemom

    Comment by Meemom — July 18, 2008 @ 5:25 pm |Reply

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