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July 5, 2008

Fourth of July Fun!

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At 11am we enjoyed an old fashion parade in the town of Rockaway, about 20 miles from Tillamook.  It is a little town right on the beach.  It had everything from its small town firetrucks to a bagpipe “band”.  They even had a fighter jet fly-over!     But the best part for the kids was all the candy that the parade people threw out into the crowd.  They collected quite a big bag of sweets!

After the parade we came back to the campsite for awhile, went out to Burger King for lunch and then back to Rockaway for the evening festivities.  We had a “tailgate” party there while we waited for their huge fireworks show!   Here, Lydia, Allie and Timothy are hanging out in the back of the truck.   It was a little chilly, so it felt good to snuggle together. 

Timothy enjoyed getting to light some of our fireworks!

This steam train pulled up just before the fireworks started so that its passengers could watch the show.  Of course, that was another big highlight for Timothy!   

After a full day of fun, we arrived back at our campsite around midnight and went fast to sleep:)



  1. Wow, I bet Timothy was excited about the big train.

    Foregot to mention on the last blog, Could you send me some cheese samples?? They look very good, and I know they are because we buy Tillamook cheese.

    The parade looks fun too. Looks like you have kept pretty busy and had a fun vacation. Nice that the little ones are big enough to enjoy everything too. Just one minor problem… Meemom and papa Bob are missing. Maybe someday we can do something fun together…. No,… I did not mean fishing!!! Not that fishing is not fun…. I just meant something else.

    Thanks so much for all the pictures.
    Sure do enjoy seeing all the pretty and handsome smiling faces!!! Love you more than all the clams, crawdads, shrimps, and any other living watery being, Meemom

    Comment by Meemom — July 5, 2008 @ 11:21 am |Reply

  2. Hi Family,
    Hey Robyn. Did you know you were missing 2 kids and a dog in the first photo. Maybe they joined the parade.

    Samples of any good food is a treasure. How come when yoiu get the stuff home it is never as tasty. Must be the camp site syndrome. Things never tast as good at home as they do while camping.

    The dogs sure looked good in the picture. Did any of them want to chase any of the trucks or horses?

    Sure do love the photos. Timothy sure does have the patented Bowes smile.

    Love big bunches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Grandpa — July 5, 2008 @ 3:16 pm |Reply

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