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July 3, 2008

Third Day of Vacation in Tillamook, OR

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Kyle says this is camping at its finest . . . being able to watch the Diamondbacks game on a computer, outside at your campsite.    He says it doesn’t get any better than that!


Last night we had fun with a few fireworks right at the campsite also.

This morning we were off to the Tillamook Cheese factory.

Right as you walk into their lobby, they have one of those penny flattening souvenir machines.  Timothy had fun turning the big wheel. 

We always enjoy getting to watch the Tillamook Cheese Factory workers package up the cheese.

But the best part is the free cheese samples at the end of the tour!

Then we went to the Blue Heron Cheese Company.  They have a little petting zoo out front and a tractor museum of sorts.   Of course the little boys LOVE getting on all the tractors.  Joseph especially loved them.  He had to get on every one! 

Our last stop for the day was at a Cape Mears State Park and National Wildlife Refuge.  It is a beautiful overlook of the ocean and you can go inside of a lighthouse.  We didn’t get many pictures here, as the “littles” were napping in the truck, so the main photographer stayed back in the truck with them:) 

Tonight is movie night in the camper.  We’ll probably do a few more fireworks to celebrate another great day!


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  1. Well, every picture looks like fun. From riding the tractors to petting the animals. How in the world will you all ever adjust to getting back home and just leading a normal life again? What a fun vacation it has been for you.

    You apparently saw more fire works than we have. We were perched in our back windows where we ususally see fireworks, but our fire works were of a different kind. It was a windstorm with quite alot of lightening, so no fireworks last night.

    Kyle, I have to hand it to you to be such a loyal Diamondback fan. Everytime we try to watch them, they are several points behind, so papa Bob has no patience and ends up turning them off.

    Thank you so much for the pictures and the updates. It is so fun to see what you are doing. Much, much love, Meemom

    Comment by Meemom — July 5, 2008 @ 11:09 am |Reply

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