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June 30, 2008

What a Week It’s Been!

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Let’s see, where should I start?   I guess with last weekend.   We spent a total of four days in Olympia selling all ten of our puppies!    We sold the last three boys on Sunday afternoon fairly quickly. 

Tuesday morning I scrambled to get Timothy in to see Dr. McCurry.  More about this later.

Tuesday after violin lessons we nearly ran over a lone duckling.  He obviously was separated from his mommy.    Before I knew it, Lydia was out of the van and back in with this little guy in her lap.  Then, off to the farm store we went to get the necessary supplies for his care. 

After much research on how best to care for him, and an encouraging hand feeding routine, he suddenly passed away over night on Thursday night.   

On Thursday and Friday, Lydia and I were in Seaside having a wonderful time. 

Saturday night as Daddy and the kids were returning home after some errands, Anna ran out to greet them, and was struck by Daddy’s one ton truck. They said they heard quite a few thuds and lots of squealing and crying.  Anna limped home.    We spent the rest of the evening assessing her condition, and prayed a lot.    After speaking with an on-call veterinarian, we decided that her injuries didn’t appear to be life threatening.  We chose to wait to take her into a closer veterinarian office on Sunday morning. 

Ted dropped Kyle, Lydia, Caroline and Victoria off at church while he and Valerie took Anna to the vet.  We were so blessed to hear that after a thorough exam, the vet didn’t think she had any broken bones.   We are all praising the Lord for this apparent miracle! 

Timothy and Joseph and I stayed home from church, as Timothy and I have struggled quite severely with allergies this week.   I took Timothy to Dr. McCurry on Tuesday morning, as his eyes looked like he had pink eye.  He has also been so stuffed up that he cannot breathe well at night.   Dr. McCurry thought that he did have an infection in his nose, and possibly pink eye.  So we have been medicating him all week.  My eyes also seemed like they could be showing pink eye symptoms, so we decided not to spread it around at church. 

Sunday afternoon we got a call from a realtor wanting to show our house tomorrow (Tuesday).  So the rest of Sunday and all day today we have been deep cleaning.  We invited Zachary and Grace over to help us and they were a big help. 

Oh, and in the midst of our craziness today, both of the last two puppy owners came to pick up their puppies!  So we are completely finished with our first litter of ten healthy labrador puppies!  Thank you Lord! 

We leave in the morning for Tillamook for our week of camping.  So it has been a very busy day of cleaning and packing.  Still more work to do early in the morning, so I better get to bed! 


June 28, 2008

Wonderful Mother/Daughter Get-a-way

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Lydia and I had a wonderful trip to Seaside, OR as part of her 13th birthday celebration.  We brought our bikes and did lots of bike riding up and down the promenade and also at Fort Stevens State Park.

Our room was the one just to the left of the “Hi-Tide” sign on the third floor.   Our balcony overlooked the ocean!  We will attach some pictures of the sunset from the balcony later. 

We asked a nice lady to take this picture of us!

We read some on the beach.  We also looked for seashells, but didn’t find any:(

We used the self-timer for this picture in front of the Subway, where we had “linner” on our first day.

The next few pictures are from the bike trail at Fort Stevens State Park! 

This yellow sign informs people that there was a cougar spotted recently in the area!

The day it was seen was 6-16-08, which was about ten days before our visit.

Do we see what we think we see?  Yes, it was a miniature horse staying at one of the nearby hotels!

Here Lydia is looking for seashells on the Columbia River.  This was a spot we found off of Fort Stevens State Park.  She found lots!

These next two sunset pictures were taken from our hotel balcony!


Here Lydia is exsiting a replica of an Indian longhouse which is on display at Fort Stevens State Park as part of Oregon’s Lewis and Clark history.

Here Lydia shows off her winnings at the Candy Man’s candy and ice-cream store.  (Only because her Mommy asked her to:) ) She won a bag of popcorn from spinning the wheel and having it land on a “2”! 

What a wonderful time we had together!  Thank you, Lydia!

June 1, 2008

“Friendship” Bread

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We were given one portion of Friendship Bread starter dough recently.   What a fun idea!  It sounded like such a sweet gesture and a delicious thing to do.  And yes, it is delicious.  We should know . . . we have baked ten bizillion loaves of it now.  And had we not given away four of the rapidly multiplying starter bags this morning at church, we would have been baking thirty-two loaves in a few days, and our starter bags would have increased to sixty-four!  And so on, and so on!   

You see, each innocent little bag of starter makes two loaves and gives you four more starters.     It truly starts as a sweet thought.  Simply keep one starter for yourself, and kindly pass the other three on to friends.    However, if you do not have three friends to pass three starters on to every ten days, then the starter begins to take over your home, as in our case.

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