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August 22, 2008

This One’s for Papa Bob

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Here Lydia and Kyle are walking back from Swofford Pond after an early morning fishing trip.   (Daddy drove home in the truck with the fishing poles.  They wanted to walk:)



When Mama’s Busy – by Joseph

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Yesterday, when Mama was busy helping Valerie cut out her fabric for her new skirt, I helped myself to a little snack.  I just marched right in to the pantry and grabbed this bag of sweet white things, and popped a few of them into my mouth.  No one even knew at first.  

Oops!  I think I’ve been caught here.


Well, let’s give it another try and see if Mama says anything.

Look’s like she’s too busy taking pictures to care right now.

You should try them sometime!   They make you happy:)

August 20, 2008

Do You Recognize This Pretty Girl?

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Today was a big day for Valerie!  She now has braces!  Fortunately, they just started some on top so she can ease into them.   

We had a busy day!  We started out around 6:45 am with Joseph, Allie and Danny in tow.  We headed straight for the Veterinary clinic to drop off Allie and Danny for their elbow and hip x-rays.  We got these done to get their “Orthopedic Foundation of America” certifications.  This is important, as labradors can be susceptible to hip and elbows dysplasia, and this ensures that we are not breeding this defect into our puppies.   

Then, we had a little time to spend before Valerie’s appointment so we hopped over to Walmart to buy a toothbrush for Valerie to brush her forgotten teeth:)

Once Valerie checked in at the Orthodontist, I ran to the bank, a Chevron station to get a Puyallup fair discount ticket pass, and a coffee stop:)   I was back to the office about 20 minutes early, and it was a good thing, because she came out about 15 minutes earlier than they had anticipated.  Things went well! 

We were then off to Olympia.  We went to Barnes and Noble, the Party Store (looking for Timothy’s party decor), JoAnn’s (to find a new pattern and different colored fabrics to make a multi-colored tier skirt for Valerie), and Costco.  We did big shopping at Costco and loaded it all in the rain:(

We made it back to the Veterinary office around 4pm to pick up the dogs, and another quick trip to Walmart to pick up a big tub of ice-cream that Lydia had requested. 

And when we walked in the door around 6pm we knew immediately what Kyle and Timothy had been up to!

I know, it is hard to completely appreciate their creativity and hard work from the photos.  They just don’t do their “castle” justice:)

And while we were away, Victoria, Lydia and Caroline spent the day at Mrs. Jerke’s, helping her clean her house before her knee replacement surgery on Monday.  She said they were a huge blessing!   

What a day! 

Now we’re off to bed a bit early, as we want to finish up our achievement tests in the morning so we can send them off . . . far, far away:)

(I’ll be in bed just as soon as I take my barfed-on-by-Joseph-because-he-gets-so-worked-up-when-I-brush-his-teeth clothes out of the washer:)

August 19, 2008

On the Eve of Braces!

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Here is Valerie on the “Eve of Braces”.  Tomorrow morning we go to the orthodontist to begin helping him make his Beamer payments:(  

Before braces. . .

Actually, she is really in need of some genuine help.  It is more than just cosmetic for her.  She has teeth growing out of places they shouldn’t be, and teeth not able to grow at all because they are “impacted”:(

So, in honor of her final day of her being able to eat anything chewy for three years, we decided to melt some caramels for an ice-cream topping!  


“After” pictures to follow soon!

The Great Trapper is at it Again!

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Just call him the Mole-i-nater!   He said he feels like a professional now! 

A Sure Sign that Fall is on Its Way!

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In preparation for this . . .

the kids are busy doing this . . .

(Taking their mandatory achievement tests.)

Ted and I are just wondering how we ever made it to adulthood without knowing what a “plural inflectional morpheme” is!

Champion Duck Racer!

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Who knew we had a champion duck racer in the family?  

Here, Valerie was chosen to be one of the contestants in the great duck race!  

On your mark, get set, GO!

Her duck won! 

The next photo is of the final heat with all four contestants being winners of their first race. 

Drum roll please . . . . below, is the gold medalist in the duck racing competition!!!!

The next two photos are of Timothy’s chance at racing a duck.  The man with the white baseball cap is asking all the contestants what their names are.  Timothy is answering him . . . he said, “Um . . . um .  . .Timothy Whale Jeremiah Bowes”!

On your mark, get set, go!  I think Timothy and Kyle had fed Timothy’s duck too much duck food earlier in the day:( ! 

At least he could share in the fun of wearing the “gold medal” the rest of the day!

August 18, 2008

August is Flying By!

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Life has been pleasantly busy this month here at the Bowes B & B and farm.  Since storing our hay for the winter, we have had a visit from Papa and Grammie, a trip to the Oregon Coast, some boating fun on Riffe Lake, and a trip to the SW Washington Fair!
Papa and Grammie arrived Friday, August 8th, after driving all the way from their campground in Show Low, AZ.  We mostly hung around the house for their first few days here.    At the end of their stay here in Washington, they requested a little trip to the Oregon Coast, as they could easily head home from there. 

~ ~ Here Grammie is teaching the girls to knit dish cloths.  ~ ~

During their stay, we attended our annual church picnic by the river. 

~ ~ That pinata is in trouble now!  Kyle is up to bat! ~ ~

~ ~ How far can Timothy spit a pickle slice? ~ ~

On Tuesday, we headed to Rockaway Beach, OR, and were able to use a hotel voucher for our room, which we purchased back on the 4th of July from their Chamber of Commerce auction.  It was a $50.00 purchase, with $20.00 of it being in the form of a gift certificate to a nearby restaurant.    So, since we needed to eat lunch anyway, I guess we could say that our hotel room, which was right on the beach, was only $30.00:) ?

~ ~ You can never have too many free samples of Tillamook cheese or double ice-cream cones right?  So, off we went, once again, to the Tillamook Cheese Factory!  ~ ~

After our return home from Oregon, the temperatures really heated up, and we decided to get Meemom and Papa Bob’s boat out of winter storage and take her for a spin!  It was a good thing, as she did need a little TLC in the form of a new battery. 

~ ~Soon after getting out into the lake, everyone went overboard to really cool off!~ ~

~ ~ Watch out everyone!  Captain Joe is at the helm! ~ ~

~ ~ Ah, that’s better.  He’s upfront, being the scout now! ~ ~

~ ~ Time for some intertube fun! ~ ~

~ ~ Boating is very relaxing as you can see from the following photos! ~ ~

Next stop was the SW Washington Fair.   Our main reason for going was to take Timothy to their Demolition Derby.  His Daddy and siblings took him last year, and he LOVED it! 

~ ~ Before the grand demolition derby finale, they had several smaller races.  The next photo is of the cars driving backwards toward the finish line!  They also did a “figure 8” race!  ~ ~

~ ~ This was one of our favorite cars:) .  ~ ~

~ ~ I think this was my very first demolition derby.  And it was quite the redneck experience! ~ ~

More photos of the fair coming soon! 

August 7, 2008

Our Barn Overfloweth

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I think summertime is a really neat time here in rural Washington.     I love watching everyone around us harvest hay for the winter.  It’s as if the world as we know it comes to a hault for July and August so that everyone can get their hay cut,  baled and stored away before the rain comes again.    It’s a part of country life that is still very intriguing to me!  

We are very excited because this year our hay will be stored at our house, rather than in our friend’s barn.  This sure will be handy!   Here are some pictures of our hay gathering and storing this year.

August 3, 2008

Visit to Nearby Park

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Boys will be boys  . . . good thing he had his faithful rubber boots on!  (He chose to put those on before leaving the house.  He loves his rubber boots!)

We barbequed some brats for dinner and brought along a few other little snacks.  We discovered that Joseph LOVES cheetos!

And ice-cream is always a nice treat at the end of a summer day at the park!

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